Foundation: rooted in fundamentals, this asana practice allows students to explore body alignment, sequencing of postures and the practice of deliberate inhalation and exhalation rhythms. 

Flow: this practice combines a stream of energizing movements in synchronicity with the cadence of breath to induce a feeling of power and strength. Both physically and mentally stimulating, this class will leave you feeling inspired. 

Core: this powerful practice fuses pilates, strength training, and yoga movements to sculpt and tone the body. This class will help to build stamina within your everyday life and yoga practice.

Restore: this nurturing yoga practice focuses on restorative postures selected to gently stretch and restore worn out muscles and joints. Coupled with deep breath work and yoga therapeutics this class provides an opportunity for healing the body, soothing the nervous system and quieting the mind. 

Meditation & Mocktails: start with a 45 minute mindfulness practice to help you discover stillness, develop an inclination towards gratitude, and explore the abundance this life has to offer. The end of this class is dedicated to nurturing relationships over healthy and delicious mocktails.